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     New York Underground is the story of twelve-year-old Tony Murelli, a bright, inquisitive kid whose ADHD has caused him trouble but whose mind may hold the secret to ending a deadly threat to the inhabitants of the city.
     Tony has long admired his great uncle Sal who made a career as a subway worker for the MTA. Before he passed away, his uncle had revealed clues that not everything was as it seemed in the tunnels below. There were many allusions to hidden dangers and how Sal only escaped with the help of his most trusted friend, Tarian. Tony was close to his uncle as he was the only one who really appreciated the benefits of an overly-quick mind, and now he is shocked to find out he has been asked to visit Sal’s widow in Brooklyn.
     His aunt gives Tony an old photo album that shows his uncle’s career. The REAL career. Laid out in front of him is a forty-year history of close calls with danger below the streets. There are hints of monsters and deadly weapons not typically used by subway workers (or even big game hunters for that matter). These mysterious events are interposed with blurred, shadowy pictures of Tarian. He looks up from the album to learn the surprising truth of what has been happening unseen under the streets as Tarian stands before him and his shocking secret is revealed.
     What follows is an adventure that takes Tony from the highest edifices of power to the darkest depths beneath the city as he races against time to discover the source of the danger to the city and the forces trying to bring about its downfall.
        The cover art above is by Tom Lupton, a brilliant artist, photographer and filmmaker living
         in the Portland area.  http://waytoofunky.deviantart.com/